Hey, some things have changed at JCI... let us explain.

It has been quite the year for our team, and before you fill out one of our contact forms, there’s a few things we think you should know.

We used to have the capacity to tell your company's story. Now all we’re offering to the public are SEO services. Wait, what? You’re probably swirling with questions and emotions with the Macbook Rainbow DeathWheel. We can explain.

There’s been a merge. This summer, we merged with Continuant, a communications company in Seattle. Together, we’re headed off into some exciting new ventures, as well as marketing Continuant’s already reputable company (here are the details). While this is exciting news for us, it does leave you without a local favorite marketing agency. We’ve been serving this area for several years now, and doing it so well that when you looked for amazing marketing in Redding, it brought you here.

If you’re one of our existing clients, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to assist you while we’re away.  Check out the help desk here.